About Us

Here is the story of our family, that moved to the country one fall, to raise our sons free to run, and explore in the wide open spaces. It all started as a project with two pigs, raised typically, in pens, never using their snouts to forage and plow the ground.

Soon after, our thoughts, moved in another direction, desiring to raise pigs on pasture, living lives as our Creator designed. The next project was two pigs, "Solid "and "Stripes", with whom we became well acquainted, and learned much.......experimenting with different ways to water and feed, moving fencing several times to find the best environment for them. Gradually buying and
selling more pigs, then more, than six sows pregnant! They made their nests in the woods, had their piglets naturally without our intervention.

​ Currently, the pigs, about 60 in number, are on 10 acres, rooting around, with access to pasture, woods and ponds. The next project was our second son's Pastured Rabbits, the next, our oldest son's Pastured Broiler "meat" Chickens. Our third son is raising chicks for Laying Hens. Our fourth son is the Egg Collector. Our fifth son loves to tag along, and observe. We are Oakley Family Farm selling to local individuals, restaurants, a gourmet butcher shop in New Orleans, and weekly at our local Farmer's Market.

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